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Check your city's event page for exact Qualifier schedules and venues.

New York - October 14, 2011 Mexico City - October 28th, 2011 Seoul - November 11, 2011 Berlin - January 12, 2012 Helsinki - January 28, 2012 San Francisco - February 3, 2012
London - April 24, 2012 Los Angeles - May 17, 2012 Tel Aviv - June 7, 2012 Bangkok - June 28, 2012 Sao Paulo - July 27, 2012 Tokyo - August 19, 2012 Yasalam - TBA


Competitor Selection

Anyone may apply to compete in the Digital Design Tournament. Here is the process for qualifying:

  1. Check all eligibility requirements below to confirm you are eligible
  2. Fill in all the information required on the entry form above
  3. In the form, select a qualifier event where you will perform a test round. The schedule and location for each city's qualifier events vary and are available on the event overview page for your city, listed in the right column of our website.
  4. If you are applying for 2D or 3D, you will receive an email with the assigned brief for your test round.
  5. If you are applying for the motion/animation competition, you will not perform a test, but you must attend at least one qualifier for an informal conversation/interview with your city's team.
  6. At the qualifier, you will perform your test round and meet your local city team.
  7. After each qualifier, Cut&Paste may choose and announce up to (1) designer from the pool of tested candidates from any of 2D, 3D, or motion/animation competitions, similar to a rolling admission. All qualifier participants will be considered in an ongoing basis. For example, qualifier #1 candidates are considered for selection after qualifier #2 and #3.
  8. After the final qualifier event in the schedule, each city team will notify all entrants whether they have been selected and all competitors will be announced on the website.

Tips to Remember

  1. Enter early and attend early qualifiers. Priority for qualifier scheduling is given to early entrants. Due to rolling selections, testing early will increase your probability of selection.
  2. Prepare your portfolio, but don't worry about perfection. Narrow it down to your best work. We don't need to see everything.
  3. Prepare for your qualifier test round. After you receive the brief, you may begin work on your design and practice. We highly recommend practice.
  4. Qualifiers are a good opportunity to meet other designers. Bring your portfolios, sketchbooks, stickers, and reels.

Qualifier Events

Qualifier events are designed to provide everyone a fun, easy way to try the Cut&Paste design competition format and an important way for Cut&Paste to select this year's 2D and 3D competitors and to meet motion/animation candidates. All qualifiers are conducted by our local teams and there will be 2-3 different qualifier dates for each tournament on the tour. Some things you need to know:

  1. Format: Each qualifier is composed of a series of 30-minute appointments for each candidate to perform a test round, with the same rules as our tournament.
  2. Ambience: In short, it's very informal. Bring friends to watch and support you. Come as early or stay as late as you like. You can watch each other test and attend other qualifiers if you like. Qualifiers are semi-public events but focused on you. We schedule everyone in a 30-minute appointment to keep it organized and give everyone a chance to test.
  3. Qualifier Scheduling & Brief: Before your qualifier, you'll be contacted by email to schedule your 30-minute appointment. Please respond promptly. You will also receive the creative brief at least 3 days in advance by email.
  4. Test Round: During your appointment, you will do one of the following: if applying for 2D, you will perform a 15-minute design round. If applying for 3D, you will perform a 20-minute round with several additional minutes to render. If applying for motion/animation, it's encouraged you bring a way to share your videos/reel.
  5. Equipment: For 2D test rounds, Cut&Paste will provide computer workstations equipped with AdobeĀ® CS5. For 3D, due to the wide variation in hardware and software preferences, candidates are required to bring their own laptop or computer to perform their test round. If this is a problem, other arrangements can be made so the 3D candidate can test.
  6. Screencasts: All test rounds are recorded as screencast video for our review. Cut&Paste would like to share and promote screencasts from select candidates who opt-in. All screencasts are private unless the candidate provides Cut&Paste permission to share them online.
  7. Post-Qualifier: After the final qualifier event in the schedule, each City Team will notify all entrants of whether they have been selected.


  1. To compete in the United States, you must be at least 21 years of age. To compete in any other city, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must carry a valid passport, which must expire no earlier than December, 2012.
  3. You've competed in Cut&Paste before? It's okay, you're eligible, but you must enter and qualify in order to compete