• Watch 34 designers battle it out at C&P Global Champs 2012 in this recap! ...More

    Watch 34 designers battle it out at C&P Global Champs 2012 in this recap!

  • Watch a recap of our Cut&Paste battle in Tokyo 2012! ...More

    Watch a recap of our Cut&Paste battle in Tokyo 2012!


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C&P Tokyo was a night was full of excitement and creativity. We watched teams of 2D and 3D designers collaborate, construct and compete to recreate their own renditions of film title sequences and we saw some of the fastest motion designers present their 15-second videos. Congratulations to 2D/3D champion Team 3 Takumi Yoza & Taiyo Yamamoto and to Yuya Yamaguchi for winning the motion animation competition! These designers are representing Tokyo at the Global Championships in New York, November 2012. Continue to stay up to date with Cut&Paste Tokyo by visiting the Tokyo Facebook page and our global Cut&Paste Facebook page.


In this competition, teams of 2D and 3D designers were challenged to prepare a pitch concept for project re-interpreting a film title sequence for a previously released feature film. In the first 15-minute round, the teams were to create a B&W storyboard featuring an emblematic “moment in time” in their concept including their central character. During round 2, made up of 20 minutes, teams were required to create a 3D model of a character or object of significance to the concept. In the final 20-minute round, they were asked to compose a polished style frame including two scenes of the film title sequence and the rendered character image from Round 2, unified in one frame.
Team 1: Daisuke Sajiki & Takanobu Mizuno
Team 2: Jesse Franklin & Kanji Fukuta
Team 3: Takumi Yoza & Taiyo Yamamoto
In an eight-hour round, these motion/animation competitors were challenged to create a video that portrayed a story about any practical joke that the designer chose to express. The key to success in this competition was originality, creativity, and technique.


This year, we had a special audience design contest in collaboration with charity: water and sponsored by Adobe to drive awareness for an important problem: access to clean water for all.

Right now, one billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. On mycharity: water, you can run, bike, or give up birthday presents to raise money to fund water projects for communities in need, and 100% of all donations directly funds water projects. Every dollar donation is linked to a water project and proved with photos and GPS. Now, charity: water seeks the help of the Cut&Paste design community for fresh ideas.

Your Challenge: In a 15-minute offstage round, sketch a graphic that represents an activity you would do to raise money for clean water using the iPad and Adobe Ideas app, provided at Cut&Paste. The winner from all global entries receives the opportunity to work on a charity: water campaign. Click for more details.

Do you like to play pranks and practical jokes? Well, this year we had a contest hosted by our Tokyo Sponsor HP called Mess with Jess where you showed us your best prank. Here's how it works:

First, grab some props and get a photo taken playing your best prank, then get 10 minutes using one of the HP Z1 All In One Workstations to fill in the rest of the photo with your most creative sketching and illustrations. The HP Z1 is the latest creative workstation from HP that gives you all of the power, without the tower.

At the end of the night, select images were narrowed for a final vote where the audience will determine who won a HP EliteBook 8470w Mobile Workstation! Click for more details.


Shoichi Nishiyama

Group Manager - Design and Web Segment of Creative Suite Products

Creative Cloud From Adobe and Adobe Creative Suite CS6 is the latest creative tool that has been released this year. Shoichi will introduce the latest information on the constantly evolving Creative Cloud. This presentation will be great for those who already use Creative Cloud, you will be introduced to new ways to enjoy the service!
Soichiro Nakayama

Creative Director, NIWA co.,ltd.

A DJ at club events, brand and promotion parties, fashion shows and art installations. Check out his CD releases EXPERIMENTAL JAZZY BREAKS 01 / EXPERIMENTAL JAZZY BREAKS 02.

Moderator / MC / Party Produces / Tanaka Makiko, Free Agent

Bossy's MC experience cuts across genres and industries, spanning dance floors, live events and reception parties (with a particularly memorable one for Wild Speed opening). He is also an organizer and producer behind some of the city's freshest events. As a rapper, he has performed with artists such as Natsumi Abe and Dengeki Chomoranma Crew and have contributed lyrics and music to films, including "The Letter". He is also a proud owner of the world's only specimen of Tamori Bling Bling Jewelry. His hobby is recording. Special skill - Makiko Tanaka.


Ticket Information: ¥1,000 in advance ¥1,500 at the door

18+ to attend


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where: Laforet Museum Harajuku 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
Schedule: 5:00pm Doors Open 5:30pm Show&Tell Presentations 6:00pm Main Event