Caio Sartori &
André Holzmeister

Global Champs 2012 2D/3D Runner-Up Team 11 Sao Paulo 2D/3D Competition Champions Team 2

Caio Sartori

Artist Statement

Sartori, Caio Costa. Art Direction, Illustrator and Graphic Design, born in 1984 in São Paulo, SP, Italian Citizenship, Passaport.

More than 8 years of experience in motion graphics and interactive design industry, Sartori works for the most important advertising agencies in Brazil, digital agencies and design studios, such as, Cubo.CC,,, Leo Burnett, AlmapBBDO and some international such as AKQA, Hello Design, LOWE (Mexico) among others.

Very good knowledge of visual communication, branding, user experience, design process. Expertise in creating brand studies. Good at leading and inspiring creative teams. Good understanding of technical aspects.

Online website: Professional Title Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

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André Holzmeister

Artist Statement

I’ve worked in the 3D market since 1994. All those years made me an experienced generalist, and I can work in any position in a CG pipeline. I have been working in the TV/Film business for most of my career, but I also worked producing and supervising a team creating realtime 3D games for a couple of years.

Online website: Professional Title Head of CG, The Kurnite

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