Cut&Paste @ OFFF Barcelona 2013 Presented by Nimia

FOOD FIGHT! Design with food met digital wizardry, powered by 3 lights-out BCN teams. Cut&Paste joined Nimia and headed to OFFF Barcelona 2013 with our latest design battle. This event brought designers onstage to create throughout 2 rounds. On opening night of OFFF Barcelona 2013, audience members witnessed work broadcast on projection screens, observing teams form designs in real-time. Congrats to our champs, Studio Outline!


At our "Food Fight" during Cut&Paste @ OFFF Barcelona 2013, 3 teams of 2 designers created an invite for an event celebrating food. The invitation had to be composed with more than 50% of the design made up of 4 different items of actual food. Teams broke out their filo dough, eggs, & eggplants, and they even juiced oranges onstage! During round 1, teams worked with only with analog / physical materials, and in the final round, they had 20 minutes to complete their design using only the computer.


Bye Bye Hated Foods

Ariana Perez & Juan Ramón Batista


Tropical Explosion

Natalia Zaratiegui & Coque Azcona


Food Masquerade

Studio Outline


"Faces of OFFF" Motion Portrait booth @ OFFF

image description

Nimia is producing a series of motion portraits of presenters and attendees of the OFFF conference. They captured portraits of the artists that have become icons in the creative space.

Portraits were shot on a Red Epic in 5K @120fps and are archived and preserved via the Nimia application. Artists can access and download the full resolution (5k) images of themselves via platform. Nimia provided all sorts of bells and whistles to the participants.

The final product will be a montage of the "Faces of Offf" and will be showcased on Vimeo for the world to enjoy very soon! The motion portrait booth was available for all the attendees to participate on day 2 of the conference and was located in the lobby.

Cut&Paste @ OFFF Barcelona 2013 Presented by Nimia PARTNERS